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Algae-green & black:   ALGAE DESTROYER - Removes green and black algae from all types of pools
Algae-white plaster pool   SUPER ALGAE DESTROYER - Removes green & black algae in white plaster pools only
Algae-mustard colored   MUSTARD MASTER - Non-metallic algae treatment that works with chlorine to eliminate mustard colored algae
Algae-green, blue/green   CONCENTRATED ALGAE KILL II - Copper/quat blend effective against green, blue-green (frequently called black algae) and mustard colored algae
Low pH, corrosion, skin and eye irritation   pH INCREASER - Prevents corrosion of equipment, etching of plaster by raising pH
High pH, high total alkalinity, scale, skin and eye irritation   DRY ACID - Prevents scale build-up on equipment, piping and pool surfaces. Also lowers Total Alkalinity
Low total alkalinity, unable to maintain proper pH   ALKALINITY INCREASER - Raises total alkalinity to prevent pH bounce
Low calcium hardness, rough plaster, corrosion   CALCIUM HARDNESS INCREASER - Prevents corrosion of equipment and etching of plaster
High calcium, water discoloration, metals in the water   STAIN & SCALE PREVENTION - Prevents scale due toigh calcium levels and prevents staining due to dissolved metals
Dark ring at water level or in the skimmer   SURFACE AND TILE CLEANER - Removes "bathtub" ring on tile and pool wall around water line
Cloudy water   LIQUID FLOC - Restores water sparkle by floccing (sinking to the bottom) suspended particles
Cloudy water   POOL WATER CLARIFIER - Clears water by collecting small particles into larger ones to be removed by the filter
Cloudy water, poor circulation   FILTER CLEANER - Promotes good filtration by removing oils, greases & scale that accumulate on the filter
Cloudy water, chlorine odor, eye irritation   SUPER CHLORINATOR - Removes organic wastes and chloramines
Cloudy water, chlorine odor, eye irritation   SUPER CHLORINATOR 35 - Totally soluble and quick dissolving, removes organic wastes and chloramines. For use in all types of pools
Cloudy water, chlorine odor, eye irritation   SUPER OXIDIZER - Non-chlorine shock that removes organic waste and chloramines

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